Chapter Twelve

It was the next day and I was tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night. I kept thinking back to Justin and Selena at the mall. Why didn’t he just say he was going with Selena? It gets on my nerves that he doesn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth.

Anyway I woke up pretty late like around 11 then just sat and watched tv. I was watching a marathon of Cake Boss when I got a text. I looked to see who it was from and it was Justin. Great. Note the sarcasm. (A/N for Elizabeth I’m just going to put Beth)


Scooter said he had a surprise for me at the dinner tonight.


That’s exactly what my mom told me


Do you think it’s for both of us?


I don’t know maybe. I wonder what it is.


Yeah me too


Justin, why’d you lie?

I know I should of asked but I really wanted to know why.


What do you mean I lied?


Why’d you lie about going to an interview yesterday?


I didn’t lie.


Then why did I see you with Selena at the mall yesterday?


Selena told me to meet her at the mall because she wanted to tell me something. That’s why you saw me there




Yeah I would never lie to you


You sure about that?


What do you mean?


Nevermind see you tonight.


No tell me.

I didn’t answer back. How do I know he’s not lying to me? How do I know that he’s lying about not liking me? I really don’t know whether or not to trust him.


Answer me. What have I lied to you about?


Why won’t you tell me?


I will get it out of you tonight.

After that he didn’t text me anymore. Good. And what did he mean he’d get it out of me tonight? I was in my own little world that I didn’t know my mom was calling me.

“Elizabeth Nicole Anderson!!” she said

“What? Sorry.” I said

“I was talking to you.”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.” I said

“Ok. I said get ready because it’s almost time for us to get to the venue.” She said

“Tell me again why you rented a venue.”

“Because there’s going to be a lot of us and we’re not all gonna fit in our dining room. It’s not a big venue it’s a small one because we don’t need that much space. Now go get ready. Put on a nice dress. Something fancy.” She said


I walked into my room and decided what to wear. I wore this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=83757497. If this isn’t fancy I don’t know what is. My mom’s birthday is Sunday but since we can’t do anything big like we always do because of her condition my dad and I decided to surprise her at this dinner. I got her some shoes she’s wanted and I’m going to sing her a song. I’m excited. I finished getting ready then headed downstairs.

I saw my mom caring food to the car looking beautiful as ever. But she can’t be caring heavy stuff so I hurried off behind her.

“Mom what are you doing?!?!”

“What does it look like? I’m caring the food to the car.”

“You can’t its heavy.” I said

“Beth I’m fine. It wasn’t heavy. I’m caring light stuff.” she turned to walk into the house but turned again. “Oh my you look beautiful honey.”

“Me? Look at you, you rocking that pregnant belly.” I said

“Uggh don’t remind me. I look fat.”

“You’re not fat. You’re pregnant.”

“Yeah yeah yeah. Come on its late we have to go.”


We went inside and dad and I put the food to the car and we rushed to the venue. We got there and set up everything. Mom and I set up the tables and we warmed up the food. We got a little dj for a little music and dance to celebrate mom’s birthday. I finished up one table and went to the kitchen.

“Dad. What time is the cake supposed to get here?” I asked

“It’s here. I put it in the fridge. It’s in a box. Make sure that she doesn’t open it.” He said

“Ok. What time are people supposed to get here?”

“They should be arriving any minute now. Oh and your mom invited Selena and her family.”

“What? Why?” what the hell?

“I don’t know but please be nice.” He said

“Fine but only for you.”

“That’s my girl. Now go watch your mother.”

I nodded my head then walked out of the kitchen and found my mom greeting people at the door. But not just any people Selena and her family. Ugh let the hatred begin. I turned to see who was already here. Cristal was sitting waving me over.

“Damn girl you look good.” She said

“Thanks.” I laughed. “You look good too.”

“Thanks. Did you see who’s here?” she asked


“Who invited her, I know you didn’t.”

“Haha thanks. Mom did.” We looked at Selena and she looked over her and rolled her eyes. Bitch.

“Bitch.” Cristal said

“I just said that in my head.” I laughed

“Good to know we think alike.” She said

“Yep.” I laughed


here’s the other one like i promised!! i really hope you like it tell me what you think!! ok one more thing i know i saw bad stuff about Selena in the story and especially in this chapter but i want you guys to know there’s no hate from me towards her. i don’t hate her i just lost a LOT of respect for her. i like her music and stuff but that’s it. i’m not hating i just don’t have any respect towards her. but yeah i just wanted to say that and i hope you like it!!

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